Bannatyne MS Project
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  • 7 November 2019
    • Dr Lucy R. Hinnie

    A Winter Update on the Bannatyne Project

    We are moving into our tenth month of the Bannatyne Project, and it has been a busy year thus far. A couple of things have happened that bear sharing.

    In October, I was delighted to deliver a seminar at the University of Glasgow Textual Editing Lab, facilitated by Dr Alison Wiggins. The seminar was exceptionally helpful in honing the direction of the project, and it was nice to be back in University Gardens, Glasgow, where the idea for this project was born some years ago.

    As a result of this presentation, I produced a short document detailing some of the resources used so far in this process. It is available here, under a Creative Commons 4.0 Non-Commercial Share Alike license. As I am adapting my process throughout this project, this is not a definitive or final list, but I hope it may be of use to those of you who need it. I always welcome feedback and tips!

    Here at the University of Saskatchewan as part of the CMRS 433 Honours module, the project is delighted to welcome the assistance and keen eye of Tiana Kirstein, who is working with the old OTA COCOA files to help us whip them in to shape for the TEI encoding process. Welcome, Tiana!