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  • The Bannatyne MS (c. 1568)
    • 255v

    Ffane wald I luve bot quhair abowt

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    This poem runs from folio 255v

    1 Ffane wald I luve bot quhair abowt
    2 Thair Is so mony luvaris þairowt
    3 That thair Is left no place to me
    4 quhairof I hovit now in dowt
    5 gif I sowld luve or lat it be

    6 Sa mony ar thair ladeis treitis
    7 with trivmphand amowres balleitis
    8 and dois þair bewteis pryiss so he
    9 That I find not bot daft consaitis
    10 to say of luve Bot lat it be

    11 Sum thinkis his lady lustiest
    12 Sum haldis his lady for the best
    13 Sum sayis Is luve is a per se
    14 Bot sum forswth ar so opprest
    15 with luve wer bettir lat it be

    16 Sum for his ladyis luve lyis seik
    17 Suppois scho comptis it not a leik
    18 and sum drowpis doun as he wold die
    19 Sum strykis doun a threid bair cheik
    20 for luve war bettir lat it be

    21 Sum luvis lang and lyis behind
    22 Sum luvis and freindschip can not fynd
    23 Sum festnit is and ma not fle
    24 Sum led is lyk the belly blynd
    25 wtluve wer bettir lat it be

    26 Thot luve be grene in gud curage
    27 and be difficill till asswage
    28 The end of it Is miserie
    29 misgovernit ȝowth makis gowsty age
    30 forbeir ȝe not & lat it be

    31 Bot quha p[er]fytly wald Imprent
    32 sowld fynd his luve moist p[er]manent
    33 Luve god, thy prince, and freind all thre
    34 treit weill thy self and stand content
    35 and latt All vþir luvaris be


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