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  • The Bannatyne MS (c. 1568)
    • 250r

    I am as I am and so will I be

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    This poem runs from folio 250r

    1 I am as I am and so will I be
    2 (h, struck through) Bot how that I am nane knawis trewlie
    3 be it evill be it weill be I bund be I fre
    4 I am as I am and so will I be

    5 I Leid my lyfe Indifferently
    6 I mene na thing bot honesty
    7 and thot men Iuge dyuersly
    8 I am as I am and so will I be

    9 I do not rew nor ȝit complane
    10 baith mirth and sadnes I do refrane
    11 and vse the folkis þat ca[n] not fane
    12 I am as I am be it plesor or pane

    13 Diu[er]ss do Iuge as thay trow
    14 Sum of plesour & sum of wo
    15 ȝit for all that no thing thay knaw
    16 I am as I am quhair evir I go

    17 Bot sen þat Iugeris do tak þat wey
    18 Lat every ma[n] his Iugeme[n]t say
    19 I will it tak in sport and pley
    20 ffor I am as I am quha evir sa nay

    21 Quha Iugeis weill weill god him send
    22 Quha Iugeis evill god thame amend
    23 To Iuge þe best þ[er]foir intend
    24 I am as I am and so will I end

    25 ȝit sum þair be þat takis delyt (to, struck through)
    26 To juge folkis (for, struck through) thot for Inwy & spyt
    27 Bot quhiddir thay juge me (for, struck through) wra[n]g or ryt
    28 I am as I am and so will I wryt

    29 Praying ȝow all that this dois reid
    30 To trest it as ȝe do ȝour creid
    31 and not to think þat I chenge my weid
    32 I am as I am how evir I speid

    33 Bot how þat is I leif to ȝow
    34 Iuge as ȝe list owdir fals or trew
    35 ȝe knaw no moir tha[n] afoir ȝe knew
    36 I am as I am quhat evir eschew

    37 And frome this mynd I will not fle
    38 Bot to ȝow all þat misiugeis me
    39 I do protest as ȝe may se
    40 That I am as I am and so will I be

    Author: Unkown

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