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  • The Bannatyne MS (c. 1568)
    • 254r

    I mvse and m[er]vellis in my mynd

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    This poem runs from folio 254r

    1 I mvse and m[er]vellis in my mynd
    2 Quhat way to wryt or put in verss
    3 The quent consaitis of weme[n]kynd
    4 or half thair havingis to reherss
    5 I fynd thair haill affectioun
    6 So contrair thair co[m]plexioun

    7 Ffor quhy no leid vnleill thay leit
    8 vntrewth expresly thay expell
    9 ȝit thay ar planeist and repleit
    10 of falset and dissait thair sell
    11 So find I thair affectioun
    12 Contrair thair complexioun

    13 Thay favour no wayis fuliche men
    14 and verry few of thame ar wyiss
    15 all gredy p[er]sonis thay misken
    16 and thay ar full of covettyiss
    17 So find [etc]
    18 Contrair [etc]

    19 I can thame call bot kittie vnsellis
    20 That takkis sic maneris at thair motheris
    21 To bid me[n] keip thair secreit counsailis
    22 Syne schaw the same agane till vþiris
    23 So find I thair affectioun
    24 Contrair thar awin co[m]plexioun

    25 Thay lawch with thame that thay dispyt
    26 and with thair lykingis thay lame[n]t
    27 of thair wanhap thay ley the wyt
    28 on thair leill luvaris Innocent
    29 So fynd [etc]
    30 Contrair [etc]

    31 Thay wald be rewit and hes no rewth
    32 Thay wald be menit and no man menis
    33 Thay wald be trowit and hes no trewth
    34 Thay wiss thair will that skant weill wenys
    35 So fynd [etc]
    36 Contrair [etc]

    37 Thay forge the freindschip of the fre[m]mit
    38 and fleis the favour of ther freindis
    39 Thay wald with nobill men be ne[m]mit
    40 syne laittandly to lawar leindis
    41 So find I thair affectioun
    42 Contrair thair co[m]plexioun

    43 Thay lichtly sone and covettis quickly
    44 Thay blame ilk body and thay blekit
    45 Thay Eindill fast And dois ill lickly
    46 Thay sklander saikles & thay suspectit
    47 So find [etc]
    48 Contrair [etc]

    49 Thay wald haif all men bund & thrall
    50 to thame, And thay for to be fre
    51 Thay covet ilkma[n] at thair call
    52 And thay to leif at libirtie
    53 So fynd [etc]
    54 Contrar [etc]

    55 Thay tak delyt in m[ar]tiall deidis
    56 And ar of nature tremebund
    57 thay wald me[n] nvreist all thair neidis
    58 Syne confortles lattis thame confound
    59 So [etc]
    60 Contrar [etc]

    61 Thay wald haif wating on alway
    62 but gwerdoun genȝeild or rewaird
    63 Thay wald haif reddy serwandis ay
    64 but reconpans tha[n]k or rewaird
    65 So find I thair affectioun
    66 Contrair [etc]

    67 The vertew of this writ and vigour
    68 Maid in co[m]parisone it is
    69 That famenene ar of this figour
    70 quhilk clippit is antiphracis
    71 for quhy thair haill affectioun
    72 Is co[n]trair thair co[m]plexioun

    73 I wat gud weme[n] will not wyt me
    74 nor of this sedull be eschamit
    75 for be thay courtas thay will quyt me
    76 And gif thay crab heir I quyt clame it
    77 Co[n]fessand thair affection
    78 Conforme to þair co[m]plexioun


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