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  • The Bannatyne MS (c. 1568)
    • 257r

    In all this warld no man may wit

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    This poem runs from folio 257r

    1 In all this warld no man may wit
    2 Thair no power nor knawlege may
    3 the counsale craft nor kyndnes keip it
    4 na Trest in It þat weme[n] will say
    5 The knot þat I wend had bene knit
    6 of luve and faithfulnes for ay
    7 I se it lowisd and luve is flit
    8 Quhat hand may had that will away

    9 To ȝow madame this I indyte
    10 That lang ȝor trew lufe haif I bene
    11 Commending me greiting I wryt
    12 for ȝour fre[m]mit que[n]tance vnclene
    13 ȝe wait ȝour self quhat that I mene
    14 I neid nocht mair planely to say
    15 god wald I had ȝow nevir sene
    16 Quhat hand may had that will away

    17 Befoir I womit and now I wait
    18 be evidence the sowth I se
    19 allace quhat alit me be so blait
    20 for to lufe hir þat luvit not me
    21 Ihaif hard say and sa haif ȝe
    22 this proverb oft in sport & play
    23 God wait the blind eitis mony a fle
    24 Quhat [etc]

    25 ȝour gudly wordis maid me to trest
    26 that all ȝour talking had bene trew
    27 I was dissauit sone in haist
    28 The cleth was of ane vþir hew
    29 That I wend had bene reid was blew
    30 That semit ane syiss was bot ane tray
    31 Bot p[er]rellis may no ma[n] eschew
    32 Quhat [etc]

    33 Oft tymes hes it bene red and told
    34 Be vitty me[n] that vndirstude
    35 all glittrand thing is not of gold
    36 And ilk fair apill Is not gude
    37 ane seik heid in a skarlet huid
    38 oft haiss (we, struck through) it bene this we heirsay
    39 ȝour fenȝeit luve Is lyk the flud
    40 Quhat hand may hald þat will away

    41 Fforswth I am infortunate
    42 to ladeis luve þat rew I soir
    43 and Had I wist wasme to latt
    44 keipand the reirgaird evirmoir
    45 he was richt wyis that knew befoir
    46 The cairfull end of every fray
    47 Quhat sall I wryt I can no moir
    48 Quhat hand may hald þat will

    49 Now quho so evir hewis to hie
    50 I heir men say and swth it is
    51 The spailis will fall and hurtis Ee
    52 and swa it fairis beme I wiss
    53 I was full lewd to love ladeis
    54 with riches dar not poverty play
    55 I dar not say thair is a miss
    56 Quhat [etc]

    57 Was nene in all the warld I drest
    58 to thame sa weill my hairtis disclois
    59 as to ȝow lady for luve & trest
    60 Bot all þat haif I to forlois
    61 Ffast by the nettill growis the rois
    62 and eftir dark nycht cu[m]is the day
    63 Men sayis als gud luve cu[m]is as gois
    64 Quhat hand may hald þat will away

    65 Ffra this tyme furth knaw ȝe richt weill
    66 and vndirstand quhat Is my p[ar]te
    67 The thing þat ȝe sett at ȝour heill
    68 I will no moir sett at my harte
    69 fra woIo Ioy I will rewairt
    70 No man may ganecall ȝistirday
    71 ȝour vnkyndnes now garris me smairt
    72 Quhat hand may hald þat will away

    73 The last lettir I to ȝow sent
    74 I wret it as a man steidfast
    75 with all my hairt in guid entent
    76 owt of ȝour mynd now is it past
    77 and þairfoir this salbe the last
    78 I leif wrytting and thus I say
    79 furth of my mynd ȝe salbe cast
    80 Quhat hand may hald þat will away

    Author Unknown

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