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  • The Bannatyne MS (c. 1568)
    • 255v

    In Iune the Iem, of Ioy and geme

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    This poem runs from folio 255v

    1 In Iune the Iem, of Ioy and geme,
    2 this prese[n]t to co[m]pyle express
    3 but hurt but wem, or wind to stem,
    4 Inarmit I am, with haviness
    5 wantone in weill bot wo, (Gla, struck through)
    6 Glaid wt owt greif also,
    7 and fre of every fo [mark, looks like circle with diagonal line through] \ That I confess

    8 I maik it plane, for luve agane,
    9 Thair sall no sorrow in me synk
    10 Nor ȝit in vane, to suffer pane
    11 To stop frome sleip frome meit or drink
    12 Thair Is no lady fre
    13 that and scho favour me
    14 scho will nocht thoill to se (squiggly line beside last two lines, [me pyne I think] beside line)

    15 Be scho conte[n]t of corss & rent,
    16 all salbe hirss that I may get hir
    17 will scho absent, hyne sall I went
    18 and, (struck through word, unclear, [at] above) als littill valor sethir
    19 Quhair power ma not plaiss
    20 adew wt owt diseiss
    21 als gud luve cu[m]is as gais (squiggly line beside last two lines, [or raþir bettir] beside line)

    22 Quhen scho growis heich I draw on dreich,
    23 To vesy and behald the end
    24 Quhen scho growis skeich, I byd on beich
    25 To lat hir in the brydill bend
    26 Quhe[n] schow growis meik and (ty, struck through) tame
    27 Scho salbe wylcome hame
    28 Gif scho my luve quyt clame (squiggly line beside last two lines, [I sall not kend] beside line)

    29 Pleiss scho to rew, I sall p[er]sew
    30 with subiect serwyice every sessone
    31 Be scho vntrew, fairweill adew
    32 for as scho chaingis I sall cheiss one
    33 Bot gif scho steidfast stand
    34 and be not wariand
    35 I am at hir co[m]mand (squiggly line beside last two lines, looks like {, [conforme to ressone] beside line)

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