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  • The Bannatyne MS (c. 1568)
    • 253r

    Irkit I am wt langu[m] luvis lair

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    This poem runs from folio 253r

    1 Irkit I am wt (inwart siching sair)langu[m] luvis lair
    2 oursett with Inwart siching sair,
    3 for in the presone of dispair, I ly
    4 Seing Ilk wicht gettis sum weilfair, bot I

    5 My hairt is pynd and persit so with panis
    6 quhill teiris over my visage ranis
    7 and makis the blud within my vanis,, To dry
    8 Quha ma sic greif resist aganis,, Bot I

    9 My mad misfortoun dois me so co[m]mve
    10 thy I may nowthir rest nor ruve
    11 Bot wary all the goddis abve, The sky
    12 That every leid obtenis thair luve, bot I

    13 All nobill hairtis of nateur Ar inclynd
    14 quhair thay find constance to be kynd
    15 Thairfoirto me scho sowld hir mynd, apply
    16 Sen non Is for hir p[er]sone pynd, bot I

    17 The facultie of famenene Is so
    18 vnto thair freind To be his fo
    19 Syne menis him Quhe[n] he is ago, for thy
    20 vncourtesly thus keill thay mo, tha[n] I

    21 Thay covet not the ma[n] that thay may get
    22 for him Thay hald as propper det
    23 on strangeris ay thair myndis ar sett to spy
    24 Thus mo bene fetterit with thair net, nor I

    25 Grit fule I am to follow the delyte
    26 of thame that hes no faith p[er]fyte
    27 Thairfoir sic cumpany I quyt, denny
    28 off all my wo hes non the wyt, bot I

    29 Quhat woundir Is thot I do weip and pleid
    30 This fellon crewall lyfe I leid
    31 The quhilk but dowt wilbe my deid, In hy
    32 ffor every ma[n] obtenis remeid, bot I

    33 My lady hes ane hairt of stone so hard
    34 (for, struck through) on me to rew scho hes no regard
    35 bot bustously I am debard, ay by
    36 and every ma[n] gettis sum reward, bot I

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