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  • The Bannatyne MS (c. 1568)
    • 256v

    My hart is quhyt, and no delyte, I haif of ladeis fair

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    This poem runs from folio 256v

    1 My hart is quhyt, and no delyte, I haif of ladeis fair
    2 I wyte, I flyte, all in dispyte, þat evir I leird þat lair
    3 Tit but respyte, I clene þe quyte, for now and evir mair
    4 Thairfoir I dyte, þis writt p[er]fyte, ffairweill now feildis fair
    5 The suth is so, be god my Io, I will fenȝe na mair
    6 Thot vmq legrit wes appetite, Thair is wa[n] tyme of wair

    7 Stopping in aige, he on staige, and ȝowtheid went & done
    8 and my curege, hes tane to swaige, ryt lait eft[er] none
    9 quhe[n] I wes pege, I did vaslege, and sped my era[n]d sone
    10 now is þat rege, turnd in dotage, it is auld of the mone
    11 The suth is so, be god my Io, quyt turnit is þat tone
    12 gud aile & sege, salbe my waige, away ligging alone

    13 The flesche is fawin, wes vmquhile brawin, I list not for to pley
    14 The medowss mawin, the claith is drawin, þe grace is said away
    15 The seid wes sawin, full quyt hes blawin, þe Ioly wind of may
    16 I mak it knawin, for all ȝor lawin, I haif done as I may
    17 The suth is so be god my Io, it is to ȝow I say
    18 Thot ȝe wer gawin, (The, struck through) ȝe bourd but hawin The tyd is past away

    19 Ane proclamatioun, vnto all natioun, I mak heir be þis bill
    20 ane sicker stratioun, god hes laid one, Thay fructis hes tane him till
    21 Stufe is þ[er] none but questioun, remanis bot gud will
    22 now fair on, wt my benysone, on forss I mon ly still
    23 The suth is so, be god my Io, off Iy[n]ny nor of Iill
    24 I pleiss collatioun, & recreatioun latt þame go fling þ[er] fill

    25 The man I call, vnnaturall, þat stewarts Ill him sell
    26 That hes bot small, stufe corporall, Syne schutis at þat schell
    27 quhe[n] principall, and materiall, & natur is expell
    28 Tha[n] be the wall, he lyis our thrall, gar bring him the ha[n]d bell
    29 The suth is fo, quhe[n] dry my Io, of natur growis the well
    30 To seik our all na stufe thow sall
    31 ffor no gold get to sell [etc]

    Author Unkown

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