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  • The Bannatyne MS (c. 1568)
    • 252v

    Returne thye hairt hamewart agane

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    This poem runs from folio 252v

    1 Returne th (y, struck through)ehairt hamewart agane
    2 and byd quhair thow was wont to be
    3 Thow art ane fule to suffer pane
    4 for luve of hir þat luvis not the
    5 my hairt lat be sic fantesie
    6 Luve nane bot as they mak the causs
    7 and lat hir seik ane hairt for the
    8 for feind a crum of the scho fawis

    9 To quhat effect sowld thow be thrall
    10 but tha[n]k sen thow hes thy fre will
    11 my hairt be not sa bestiall
    12 Bot knaw quho dois the guid or ill
    13 remane with me and tary still
    14 and se quha playis best thair pawis
    15 and lat fillok ga fling hir fill
    16 Ffor feind accrum of the scho fawis

    17 Thocht scho be fair I will not fenȝie
    18 scho is the kynd of vþiris ma
    19 Ffor quhy thair is a fellone me[n]ȝie
    20 that semis gud and ar not sa
    21 my hairt tak nowdir pane nor wa
    22 for meg for meriory or ȝit mawis
    23 bot be thow glaid and latt hir ga
    24 for feind accrum of the scho fawis

    25 Becaus I find scho tuik in Ill
    26 at hir dep[ar]ting Thow mak na cair
    27 bot all begyld go quhair scho will
    28 (be, struck through) schrew the hairt that mane makis mair
    29 my hert (mo, struck through) be mirry lait and air
    30 this is the fynall end and clauss
    31 and latt hir fallow ane filly fair
    32 for feind a crum of the scho fawis

    Ffinis q alex
    to his hert

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