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  • The Bannatyne MS (c. 1568)
    • 250r

    So prayiss me as ȝe think causs quhy

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    This poem runs from folio 250r

    1 So prayiss me as ȝe think causs quhy
    2 And lufe me as ȝow lykis best
    3 As pleisis ȝow so plesit am I
    4 Gif not I fynd of not I traist

    5 Gif ȝe be trew I wilbe Iust
    6 Gife ȝe be fals flattery is fre
    7 all tymes and houris evin as ȝe lust
    8 for me till vse als weill as ȝe

    9 Gif ȝe do mok I will bot play
    10 Gif ȝe do lawch I will not weip
    11 Evin as ȝe list think do or say
    12 Sic law ȝe mak Sic law I keip

    13 Schaw fathfull lufe Luve sall ȝe haif
    14 Schaw dowbilnes I sal ȝow quyt
    15 ȝe ca[n] not vse nor no ways craif
    16 bot evin þat same is my delyt

    17 Bot gif ȝe wald be trew and plane
    18 ȝe wald me pleiss and best co[n]tent
    19 and gif ȝe will not so remane
    20 as I haif said so am I lent

    21 awyss ȝow as ȝe think to do
    22 and vse me as ȝe list to fynd
    23 quhat neidis lang talking þairto
    24 For as I am ȝe knaw my mynd

    25 Bewar þairfoir and tak gud heid
    26 quhat is the sentens of this bill
    27 For and ȝe beir me ocht at feid
    28 I sall ȝow hald ay at evill w

    29 Thairfoir be trew but vairiens
    30 and I salbe as of befoir
    31 vþirwayis generis discrepans
    32 content ȝow this ȝe get no moir

    Author: Unkown

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