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  • The Bannatyne MS (c. 1568)
    • 252r

    Thir lenterne dayis ar luvely lang

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    This poem runs from folio 252r

    1 Thir lenterne dayis ar luvely lang
    2 and I will mvrne ne mair
    3 nor for no mirthles may me mang
    4 that will not for me cair
    5 I wilbe glaid & latt hir gang
    6 with falsat in hir fair
    7 I fynd ane freschar feir to fang
    8 baith of hyd hew and hair

    9 The wintter nycht Is lang but weir
    10 I may mvrne gif I will
    11 Scho will not mvrne for me that cleir
    12 thairfoir I wilbe still
    13 O king of luve that is so cleir
    14 I me acquyt ȝow till
    15 Sa scho fra me & I fra hir
    16 and not bot it be skill

    17 O lord of luve how lykis the
    18 My lemmens laitis vnleill
    19 scho luvis ane vþir bettir tha[n] me
    20 I haif causs to appeill
    21 I pray to him þat deit on tre
    22 that for ws all thold baill
    23 mot send my (curved mark) le[m]mane twa or thre
    24 Se[n] scho can not be leill

    25 Vþir hes hir hairt sowld scho haif myne
    26 trewly that war grit wrang
    27 quhen thay haif play gif I haif pyne
    28 on gallowis mot I hang
    29 or for hir luve gif I declyne
    30 (s, struck through) Thotscho ewill nevir so lang
    31 quhe[n] I think on hir foirheid fyne
    32 Tha[n] mon I sing ane sang

    33 Off all the houris of the nycht
    34 I can not tell ȝow ane
    35 so mvrne I for my lady bricht
    36 fro sleip haif me ourtane
    37 fro scho be past owt of my sicht
    38 The casting of ane stane
    39 I haif no langour be this licht
    40 I love god of his lane

    41 Allace þat evir fader me gat
    42 or moder me wend in clais
    43 gif I sowld for ane woma[n]s saik
    44 my lyfe thus leid in lais
    45 for ȝe saw nevir so fair a caik
    46 of meill þat millar mais
    47 bot ȝit ane ma[n] wald get the maik
    48 as gud luve cu[m]is as gais


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