The Bannatyne MS [Adv. MS. 1.1.6], c. 1568, is the largest extant collection of late medieval Scottish verse. It comprises over 400 separate pieces of text, divided into five thematic sections: theology, morality, comedy, love and fables. To date the manuscript has been accessible in limited print edition and facsimile, however the recent acquisition of NLS images by the Project Europeana at the IIIF has opened up new possibilities.

This project will establish the first working digital edition of the manuscript in its entirety. It is hoped that by replicating Bannatyne’s unique and forward-thinking curatorial process in the modern era, that the project will ensure that his collection endures and that any interested party may interact meaningfully with its contents without limitation.

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This project is being undertaken by me, Dr Lucy R. Hinnie. I am currently a Leverhulme Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Saskatchewan. For more information about my career and research, please also see my personal website. I am also active on Twitter.

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