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  • The Bannatyne MS (c. 1568)
    • 256r

    Thair is not ane winche þat I se

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    This poem runs from folio 256r

    1 Thair is not ane winche þat I se
    2 Sall win ane wantage of me
    3 Be scho fals I salbe sle
    4 and say to dispyt hir
    5 be scho trew I will confyd (^ with dot above)
    6 will scho remane I sall abyd
    7 will scho slip I will bot slyd
    8 and so sall I quyt hir

    9 Be scho constant and trew
    10 I sall evir hir p[er]sew
    11 be scho fals tha[n] adew
    12 (Lo, struck through) No langer I tary
    13 Be scho fathfull in mynd
    14 I salbe to hir inclynd
    15 be scho strange & vnkynd
    16 I gif hir to fary

    17 Be scho haltand and he
    18 Ryt swa sall scho fynd me
    19 Be scho lawly and fre
    20 The suth I sall say hir
    21 Be scho secreit and wyiss
    22 I sall await on hir serwyiss
    23 will scho glaik & go nyiss
    24 I leif hir to play hir

    25 And I magyn my mailis
    26 I sall feid hir wt caillis
    27 Thot my sawis haif no seillis
    28 I sall leir hir to fan
    29 be scho wylie as ane tod
    30 quhen scho winkis I sall nod
    31 Scho sall not begyle me be god
    32 for ocht þat scho ca[n]

    Author: Unkown

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