Bannatyne MS Project
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The Bannatyne MS Project utilised TEI to encode the fourth section of manuscript text.

The full TEI .xml file is available for download here, under a Creative Commons Licence, CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Links to a selection of individual poems are also available below.

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Remedy of Luve

So prayiss me as ȝe think causs quhy View XML
I am as I am and so will I be View XML
Langour to leive allace View XML
Ffavour is fair, in luvis lair View XML
Thir lenterne dayis ar luvely lang View XML
Returne thye hairt hamewart agane View XML
Quhen ȝe wer plesit to pleiss me hertfully View XML
Quhy sowld I luve bot gif I war luvit View XML
Irkit I am wt langu[m] luvis lair View XML
I mvse and m[er]vellis in my mynd View XML
Ffane wald I luve bot quhair abowt View XML
In Iune the Iem, of Ioy and geme View XML
Thair is not ane winche þat I se View XML
To luve vnluvit it is ane pane View XML
My hart is quhyt, and no delyte, I haif of ladeis fair View XML
In all this warld no man may wit View XML